Jewelry can give you and your outfit a very specific look, so it is important for many to take good care of your jewelry.

Basically, it is important to say that jewelry will wear out as you wear them and they will change in color. With daily use of jewelry, the acid balance in the body and the oxygen in the air will react with the coating on the jewelry. This means that there are some factors that you can not control yourself, which damage your jewelry, which you can not do anything about. See below how to care for your jewelry.

Maintain your jewelry with these tips

- Never sleep with the jewelry

It is important that you take the jewelry off before going to bed so that your jewelry avoids shock and rotation, which can happen in the bed. Put your jewelry in a jewelry box, then you are guaranteed the best possible storage that does not wear on your jewelry. If the jewelery is left free, it is easily exposed to sunlight and hydrogen sulphide from the air, which helps to shorten the life of the jewelery.

- Save the jewelery for bathing, training and cleaning

Although the easy solution is to keep the jewelery under bath, skin care and exercise, then it pays to take the jewelry off. The jewelery wears incredibly much when you come in contact with sweat, water and other chemicals. If this happens, it can help to give the jewelry a dark and worn look.


If you have unfortunately found out that your beloved jewelery has lost its luster and needs a fresh spice, then the race is not completely over.

Fortunately, it is easy to freshen up your jewelry and it does not require much.

- Brush gently with the toothbrush. Here it is important that you do not rub too hard, then the cleaning will have the opposite effect and you will wear more on the surface of the jewelry.

- Dip the jewelry dry with a dry cloth after brushing it with the toothbrush.


Af hygiejnemæssige årsager er det vigtigt, at du husker at gøre din smykker rene. Dette kan nemt gøres med en blød klud, som bruges til at fjerne rester fra din make-up, almindeligt snavs eller hvad der ellers måtte være på dine smykker.

Smykkerne kan godt tåle vand. Dog fraråder vi stærkt, at du gør rent eller går i bad med dine smykker på. Ligeledes fraråder vi, at du vasker hænder med smykker på. Dette slider meget på dit smykke, og vil sænke levetiden meget hurtigt.