Thya writes: Nature is a culinary treasure trove, and Thy National Park is no exception. We like to jump in the rubber boots and pick strawberries for our jams, sea buckthorn for our mustard and herbs for our schnapps, but we have also allied ourselves with a number of hand-picked, local producers to make sure we harvest seasonal ingredients at all times. both the highest quality and in sufficient quantities.

For example, we get crispy, juicy apples from Gravenhøj Orchard, tasty, organic gooseberries and currants from Thy Organic berries and large, sweet strawberries from Frilandsgrønt, just as Thisted Bryghus helps to process the various herbs from National Park Thy.

Common to our local suppliers is that they are all carefully selected, they are skilled at what they do, and then they are so committed and dedicated that they could not dream of compromising on quality - just like os.

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