Shorts - Men

Shorts for men - the most important item of clothing this summer. It is constantly changing what kind of shorts are most popular. It can be hard to find head and tail in, but at Munk Store we specialize in selecting the shorts that we know you like. We have a large selection of shorts and there are countless types and models. The brands that we have shorts from also range widely. We have shorts from among others Woodbird , Patagonia & Wood Wood . These are just a small selection of the shorts we have on our webshop. Of course we have swimming shorts, because it is simply inevitable in the summer. We have denim shorts, which most of all resemble a pair of regular jeans that are short of. We have shorts that have a sporty look. And then of course we also have chino-inspired shorts, which are perfect if you do not want to look underdressed, even if you are wearing shorts. In addition, new shorts are constantly being added during the summer, so stay tuned here on the site. We always have plenty of shorts for men. So go exploring and find your next pair right here at Munk Store.
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