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The desire to create comfortable and pleasant footwear had signaled the beginning of the establishment of New Balance. The brand New Balance has today made shoes and sneakers for women and men of all ages for more than 100 years. In other words, you will find shoes for all genders and ages in a formidable price that most can be on. New Balance has since its creation until today both focused on comfort and quality of their sneakers.

New Balance has since its inception sports as inspiration, which can be seen at New Balance shoes, as most is an old run silhouette, which also has guaranteed a certain comfort in New Balance shoes. Although New Balance 'sneakers are inspired by sport, so they have a lot of different models, so there is something for everyone from New Balance.

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US New Balance is our absolute best-selling brand of sneakers at Munk Store, where you can find the popular New Balance sneakers for men, women and children. The brand New Balance was founded by William J. Riley in the United States in 1906, more than 100 years ago today.

Since then, New Balance has grown into one of the leading brands when it comes to the shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes and other footwear. Meanwhile, New Balance also taken a large part of the fashion world in relation to stylish sneakers.

New Balance 550

WORLD-known models from New BALANCE

New Balance has made a lot of models that have been particular popular and known around the world.

This is especially the classic 990'er model from New Balance, available for women, men and children, as New Balance has become really famous.

You may know also the models 991 and 574 from New Balance, which is also among the most popular sneakers from New Balance.

We chose to stay fit with ALWAYS NEW BALANCE

Almost all sneakers from New Balance is an old run silhouette, which quickly tags using New Balance shoes. Additionally, you can also find New Balance popular running shoes and the selection right here.

New Balance sneakers


One thing is certain. New Balance does not compromise with the quality and comfort of their products.


What distinguishes the brand New Balance from many others is that the vast majority of the models from New Balance made in England or the United States, which so much is a rarity in these times and do not apply to very many other sneakers brands.

New Balance choose so that they will not produce their models in cheaper countries, but rather to ensure the best quality at New Balance footwear by producing in their own country.

This decision has given New Balance the benefits that the quality of sneakers from New Balance are among the best on the market.

New Balance 990

NEW Balance shoes at a good price

So if you are looking for new sneakers or a nice pair of running shoes, as the New Balance might answer, as your feet will thank you later.New Balance 574


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