Sweatshirts - Men

Sweatshirts and knitwear for men are one of the most important and most used items in a man's wardrobe. For us, sweatshirts and knitwear are a broad concept that covers an incredible number of different types of sweaters. That is why we have collected both hoodies with and without a zipper, sweatshirts and crewnecks in this category. In this category, there are many different brands on the menu. If you are looking for a hoodie, you can find it from brands like Wood Wood , Patagonia or Woodbird . If you are missing a crewneck, we have the perfect one for you from brands like NN.07, Han Kjøbenhavn or Woodbird . It's just a selection of the items we have in these categories. The possibilities are many, and they are, because sweatshirts and knitwear are damn important - all year round. At Munk Store, we fight to have something for everyone. All products in this category are therefore carefully selected so that we can reach our entire audience. We so want you to go in vain. Because you're going to freeze if you can not find the right sweatshirt or knit.
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