Jackets - Women

Jackets are extremely important all year round - and not just in winter. We know at Munk Store, and therefore we always have a great selection of jackets. Some can be used in winter, others can be used in the summer, and some very third can be used in the many transition months we have in Denmark. In the summer, many think it is nice to have a jacket that can keep you warm when you sit outside until late on the evening hours. There will an easy summer jacket be the obvious choice. In winter, the cold must be kept out, and here a large, thick winter jacket will of course be preferable. In Denmark, there is virtually invariable weather, and therefore it is also important to have a jacket that can protect you from the silver rain. Therefore we also have a large number of jackets from Rains, as both practical and stylish. In addition to these three types of jackets you also find bomber jackets, denim jackets and suede jackets, so there should be something to every taste in our selection of jackets. We have, among other things, jackets from Ganni., Wood Wood., Halo.and Patagonia.. In this category you can go looking for your next jacket. If you don't find it right away then keep an eye. At Monk Store, new products are constantly adding to our jacket.