Jewelry - Women

A piece of jewelry is probably the most important accessory a woman can own. They create style, they create personality and they create expression. At Munk Store , we have hand-picked all our jewelry so that our customers can find only the best of the best. A piece of jewelry must be tasteful, graceful and expressive, and it can take a long time to find the perfect one. We have collected the finest and most beautiful jewelry from the three brands Jane Kønig, Maria Black & Tom Wood. Jane Kønig is known for her simple, stylish and personal jewelry. Maria Black is for her raw, but at the same time feminine jewelry. And Tom Wood is known for his exclusive, unique and expressive finger rings, which can complete any outfit. Common to all three brands is that they all work with good materials and have super good quality.

If you need something extra for the jewelery, you can find delicious styles from Ganni , which can definitely make the jewelery look even better!
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open a piece of jewelry for yourself or someone who deserves to be pampered.

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