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 Maria Black Jewelery makes jewelry of the highest quality in gold and silver for women. With his jewelry, Maria Black has achieved great success both in Denmark and abroad. Maria Black is Danish-Irish and was born in Copenhagen. She launched his first collection in 2010 - a collection that went under the title MBJ. The site has happened very, and Maria Black is today known in both Denmark and abroad. In fact, the Queen has recognized Designed from Maria Black, and it must be said to be a quality stamp. Maria Black has a wide range of jewelry on his repetoir - and a selection of them isfinger rings, earrings,necklacesAnd bracelets in both gold and silver.

Blends the raw and feminine

When Maria Black makes jewelry, she gets inspiration in, among other things, Europe, India and Brazil, where she is also looking for quality materials. Maria Black has his study in London, and you have to say that she has therefore ingested the world with his jewelry. The jewelery is also something for them. Maria Black is known to make exclusive jewelry, which is of really good quality - and at the same time they are both sexy, elegant, Edgy and Cool.

Woods Huggie Maria Black

Collections from Maria Black that are in constant development

Since 2010, when the first collection from Maria Black was launched, a lot has happened. Today you can find the popular and beautiful collections from Maria Black around the world in women and on the fashion scene. It is not only the Danes who are fully crazy about Maria Blacks exclusive and unique jewelry.

The brand Maria Black is constantly having your finger on the pulse, and it acts for them to constantly develop and create its very own way and expression in the jewelry industry. Maria Black also focuses on individualism and differences.

Here comes personally design into the picture where her charms have taken the jewelry industry by storm. Here, customers themselves have the opportunity to make his own personal jewelry by putting pendant together in its own way with Maria Black.

Friend Charm Bracelet Maria Black

Unique design in jewelry from Maria Black

At Monk Store, we are personally excited about Maria Black Jewelery, and therefore we always have a great selection of the minimalist and at the same time raw jewelry in our webshop. In addition, you can also find fine jewelry from the jewelry fire: Jane sexy

The jewelery and rings of Maria Black come in sizes: 52 54 56 58 and many more. That way you always assured you to find one that fits you just.

Kate Opal Glitter Huggie

Treat one with Maria Black's jewelry

Jewelry is always an obvious choice if you have to pamper yourself or one you love. The best thing about giving jewelry in gift is that every time she looks at the jewelry, she will think of you!

Maria Black creates unique and exclusive designs that radiate personality and self-confidence, and is the perfect gift for her who will radiate this.

findJewelry from Maria Black right here on the page. PSST .. We like your gift in from Maria Black!

Hungover Lock Maria Black


Our jewelry universe & Maria Black

There Is no doubt, it can be difficult to put more jewelry together for everyday life or for an occasion. Tit then it requires some inspiration or styling proposal. Therefore, we have made a jewelry-universe for you, which just lack it to the last to create your own personal expression with jewelry from Maria Black.

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other than that If you also find a lot of inspiration for different look and expressions, you can create with the beautiful jewelry from Maria Black on our Instagram. Follow us right here or find

Is You interested in how to retain the good quality in Maria Black's jewelry, then read our maintenance guide here!

Negronian Necklace Maria Black
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