The history of the successful Danish brand Newline Halo dates back to 1981, when a man used his military experience to create the cornerstones for Halo, which was first founded in 2005. The DNA behind HALO is based on high performance, functionality and design within 3 categories. It is training, uniform and off duty. The name Halo comes from: 'High Altitude, Low Opening'. Newline HALO was designed in 2015 by Malkit Singh and Rasmus Storm, and Halo has achieved great success from 2015 to today 2021. See the large selection of Halo right here at Munk Store


Halo produces high quality sportswear and everyday wear that you must not miss. Read here to learn more about HALO.


The story behind Halo started way back in 1981, when a man was between heaven and earth in his parachute. His clothes were wet, but it was not his parachute. This he wondered about, and this wonder was the prelude to Newline Halo. After the episode, the fabric from parachutes has been used extensively in their design, and this has given the Danish brand Halo great success.

HALO stands for 'High Altitude, Low Opening'. HALO first saw the light of day in 2015, although the idea and Halo's DNA go all the way back to the episode in 1981. All the clothes from Halo are designed by Malkit Singh and Rasmus Storm. Their DNA is built around functionality, lifestyle and design.

The Danish brand Halo has not only taken over the sports world, but also the fashion world has opened its eyes to their cool design. That's why Halo can also be found in many fashion stores in Denmark, and many of their styles make people tear off the shelves.


The inspiration for the colors and materials, which are seen in the cool collections from Halo, is taken from the military base in Aalborg and parachutes.


The brand Newline Halo and their design is the obvious choice for you who are looking for some clothes with a high degree of performance and functionality, but can also be used for everyday use. All the collections from Newline Halo are unisex and suitable for both sexes.

Halo has a wide range of different designs with a focus on functionality, so there should be something for everyone. In tops from Halo you can find the popular fleece, t-shirts, vests, sweatshirts and much more. Halo also produces trousers and shorts, which are highly sought after - which we understand well. We have said it before, but the brand halo knows how to create clothes that are functional and comfortable to wear - no matter if it is to be used for training or for everyday life.


If you shop with us , you get free shipping when buying items over DKK 399. In addition to free shipping, you can also expect a high level of service, as our competent customer service is ready to help you. a color, halo size, order, or something completely different.

The clothes from Halo are unisex, therefore we recommend women to take a size smaller than normal. But if your ordered clothes from Halo do not fit anyway and the size is wrong, you can of course send it back to us again. Inside the return at the bottom of our page, you can pick up the return label and return slip. You can note on the return slip whether you want to exchange your item from Halo for another size or color, and we will arrange it completely free of charge and send your new Halo item in another size or color to you.

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Search and find among other things their popular tech pants, ATW zip fleece, cotton t-shirt and cotton crew right here at Munk Store Halo are constantly making new collections for the different seasons that we receive, so you can be sure to be able to find the latest trends and popular products from Halo with us.


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