Dr. Martens - Women

Dr. Martens is known for its delicious shoes And boots in leather - which are often placed with yellow seams and the well-known patch at the heel of the shoe. Dr. Martens has existed for over half a century, where they have delivered footwear to everything from punkers to English policemen. Today has Dr. Martens at least as great success, although they are typically not used for neither power or youth rebellion. Dr. Martens' most classic model is called 1460. It was published as the first in the row on the first April 1960. Dr. Martens 1460 is still great to date today, but the brand has managed to follow over time. Dr. Martens is known to make footwear of best quality. They can not be worn in pieces. If you have a few Dr. Martens boots in your wardrobe, then you never get rid of them. But you only have to be happy. The shoes and boots are ideal all year round. In winter, at the festival or just for everyday life.