He Kjøbenhavn.

He Kjøbenhavn is a Danish brand that got great success with their sunglasses. The Danish fashion brand saw his first light back in 2008 in the Copenhagen streets. He Kjøbenhavn makes clothes for gentleman or men and women in a classic and cool Danish design.

He Kjøbenhavn is sometimes published a year with new and not least cool collections to Lord and lady who reflect the style of time, trends and trends. The inspiration for their clothes will find the Danish architecture and streets. Quality and price fit together at Kjøbenhavn and their styles, so you are secured a durable product.

At Han Kjøbenhavn, there is both a focus on functionality, price, a simple expression and style as well as an innovative mindset.

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He Kjøbenhavn.

He Kjøbenhavn is a Danish brand, which was founded back in 2008 in Copenhagen. Since then to 2021, they have been in great development with both design, expressions and crafts, and are continuing in development to follow over time. The Danish fashion fire makes both woman and men's clothing.

Danish Design and Crafts

They find inspiration for their collections on the streets of the capital and in the Danish architecture, leading to their special and challenging design that is loved by real many.

From sunglasses for clothes

The brand started producing their sunglass, which has been particularly recognized because of their good craftsmanship and classic Danish design expression. It has evolved that he Kjøbenhavn now in 2021 creates clothes for a fair price and with great success. He still also produces sunglasses that fit wildly good for their clothing collections and still located at an affordable price that matches and fits quality and design. It is clear that quality and price fit together at Kjøbenhavn and their styles.

He Kjøbenhavn sunglasses

T-shirts, hoodies and more

You can find the popular T-shirt, jumpers, pants, sunglasses, accessories and a lot of other people who fit into many different populations and look, depending on how you choose to style it. In other words, the Danish brand makes clothing that you need for your style as it fits into most lageness.

Female and men's clothing in fantastic design

He Kjøbenhavn delivers Styles, who hit right every time. Laugh about it's the simple T-shirt or the wild and challenging sweatshirt, so in wanting it! You can search here on the page after specific styles among all, you can also choose to divide if you are looking for men's clothing or vice versa.

Inspiration to her.

If you are in doubt about how you use and can style the clothes from Han Kjøbenhavn - then read with here, then we may help you. He Kjøbenhavn has a little cool and raw look, but that doesn't mean that you can't style it with more feminine styles - on the contrary. Style your oversized t-shirt from Han Kjøbenhavn with a skirt to mix it feminine with the raw and cool. We promise you that you become quite crazy about that look! You can also add a few sweat pants and shoes to the T-shirt to complete it cool and not least raw if you are more for it.

Inspiration to him

Men can also need styling tips. The clothes for men from Han Kjøbenhavn can also style on a sea of ​​ways - and it can be difficult to figure out the perfect composition that better suits you. Follow us on Instagram: Munkstore.dk, where you can search for styling loop or personal favorites from us.

Online shopping.

We're completely Wild with Han Kjøbenhavn and their creative designs and pattern, and therefore, of course, we are happy to present this with us.

All you need to know

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