H2O produces functional and durable high quality sportswear that you must not miss. Read here to hear more about the Danish brand.

H2O Sportswear - iconic & nolstalgic

If you have grown up in the 80s or 90s then you know for H2O and what it stands for. H2O Sportswear was established right back in 1982, and has since been on a wild journey.

For many years, H2O Sportswear has always been associated with the characteristic 3-color logo, characteristic stripes & colors and last but not least the classic bath sandals. The brand H2O is Danish, and throughout their lifetime, they have produced quality-rich products for sports and fashion.

If we throw a look at the Danish and international fashion scene, so reflect it clearly how H2O has managed to get sports and fashion to go up a higher unit. The day today is H2O Sportswear much more than just their classic sandals, sportswear and colorful clothing collections.


Bath sandals in all rainbow colors from H2O

The iconic and colorful trek bathing sandals from H2O certainly arouses many memories among Danish consumers.

H2O has always been among the leaders of bathing sands, and it is certainly not for no reason. H2O Designer timeless and smart bathing sandals in all colors of the rainbow, which year after year become popular. One of the characteristic of these sandals from H2O is the H2O logo on the front, which gives a good dynamics.

Whether it is with or without velcro closure, they just have a classic look that fits most apartments. The bath sandals from H2O are quite single and well-executed as specially based on aesthetics and comfort. Trek sandals from H2O are the perfect companion for leisure, sports and coziness. We have these sandals from H2O in incredibly many colors, so don't there be a couple who fall into your liking? If you go and consider a few bathing sandals, then we certainly thought you should give the famous sandals from H2O an attempt.


H2O Fleece for any occasion from H2O

The past few years, the fleec has taken over the fashion image, and today is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is definitely a trend that we in Munk Store is completely wild. For there is something more great to wear a pleasant fleece, which at the same time looks super cool and funky - we don't think so. H2O in the past few years jumped on the trend and tried to come up with their bid for the ideal fleece.

H2O Blåvand Fleece Half Zip

There is no doubt that Blåvand Fleecen from H2O is one of our absolute bestsellers. Blåvand Fleecen from H2O is the absolute perfect companion for leisure, sports activities and coziness. The fleece of H2O is produced in an incredibly soft and comfortable cotton quality, which makes it perfect for many occasions. The fleec is unisex and therefore fits both for men and women.

H2O Blåvand Fleece.

H2O Langli Pile Jacket

The Langli arrows jacket from H2O is their latest shot on the trunk. The jacket from H2O is ideal for the colder months, where it can both be worn alone but also also during the winter jacket.

The jacket from H2O is manufactured in Heavy Polyester Arrows, which makes it incredibly warm and comfortable. Jacket design is based on the Scandinavian where H2O has tried to take everything well from here. We have the jacket from H2O with & without hood and eventually as the west. The jacket from H2O is unisex and therefore fits both for men and women. Of course, as all H2O's other products, these jackets also stand for a super sharp price. See the full range here.

H2O Langli Pile Jacket

Rain jackets for both Lord and women from H2O

In Denmark, we have many gray rainy days, which also means that a rain jacket is an essential garment in your wardrobe.

H2O develops rainwear for both Lord and women. H2O has also been inspired by the classic Scandinavian design, where at no time is saved on their quality of the rainwear. Once again, H2O has not been boring with their colors on the rainwear. You can find their rainwear in many of the season's colors. See the full range of H2O Rainwear here.

Blue, green & red

H2O's classic design takes place in the three colors from their characteristic logo for blue, green & red. The many colorful clothing collections from H2O are one of the many characteristics of the Danish brand. The many colors are also seen on H2O's famous bath sandals, which today are to find in all the colors of the rainbow. The individual color contributes to a strong look, and this melts together for a larger unit on the H2O logo. This also contributes to a more innovative design with the recognizable stripes in the seasonal colors, which are both suitable for men and women.

H2O T-Shirt

Jens Knud Lind.

Jens Knud Lind was the man who established H2O right back in 1982. His basic idea behind the founding of H2O, was to create sportswear in a unique quality that suited to the Danish fashion and sports scene. That day, H2O still keeps in these ideals. At H2O, there is still an increased focus on creating sportswear, who can really commit to the Danish sports and fashion scene.Langli Pile Jacket.

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Langli Pile Vest.

H2O at Munk Store

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Throughout H2O's product portfolio you can find the latest and most popular styles in seasonal colors from H2O. H2O is the epitome of good Danish design for men and women.

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H2O Blåvand Fleece.