Adidas - Junior

Adidas is the German counterpart to Nike when it comes to delivering quality sneakers. Of course, Adidas is known for its sneakers , but their clothing is also something they attach great importance to. At Munkstore we have, among other things, hoodies, T-shirts, caps, socks and jackets from Adidas. The brand is known for the classic models Gazelle, Campus and Superstar, among others, but in recent years new models have also been added. Adidas' sneakers uniquely combine quality, comfort and appearance, and therefore Adidas has also been prominent in both the sports world and the street scene for the past many years. Adidas was founded in the 1920s by brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolph Dassler. They became unfriends, and Rudolph Dassler then founded Puma in order to create fashion clothing. It is thus a sibling pair that many of us can be happy about. In addition to its ingenious footwear, Adidas also has clothing as part of their repertoire. Especially in recent years, it has become particularly popular, and therefore we also have selections of both Adidas t-shirts and Adidas jerseys . See our large selection of Adidas for Junior here.

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