Gloves - Size guide

We have faced colder periods where gloves are a huge necessity. It may well be that we are historically Vikings, our hands just do not know. We have therefore done you a favor and gathered some of the clearly best brands in gloves, which you can see just her . We guarantee that all our gloves are able to keep your hands warm while comfort is paramount. In short, you are really well on your way if you choose one of our brands, such as Hestra and Ganni .
We often find that our customers are not aware of what their glove size is exactly, so we help you along the way. It's quite simple, just follow the points below and then match your result with the form at the bottom.

Find your size

- Measure the distance from the top of your middle finger, down to the point where your hand starts at the palm of your hand.

- Measure the circumference around your hand. Measure the point from about 2 cm. over where your thumb starts.

- Then read the chart below to find out what your size is.