About Munk Store


In 2002, Munk & Co. opened in Nørregade in Holstebro. It marked the beginning of a long story about a Jutland fashion store that places great emphasis on the social aspect, striving to be innovative and find the right brands.

We felt that something was missing in order to be among the top Danish fashion stores. This resulted in the opening of www.munkstore.dk, which saw the light of day in 2011, and in connection with this, the stores also changed their name to Munk Store. The best part is that even though we have gone online, it's still the same people behind the stores and the webshop. There aren't any fancy outsiders handling tasks – it's exclusively us. The same people you meet on Facebook and Instagram, or when you call us or ask for help via email. We believe we have a great team consisting of over 20 employees, each with our own role and personality, which contributes to giving you the best experience when you shop in our stores or on the webshop.


Mathias, E-commerce manager

Mathias - also better known as Tulle is one of our nerds behind the webshop. Mathias is the man behind many of the codes on the website and our many ads on social media.


Stev, Store Manager & Purchasing

With his 30 years, Stev is by now an experienced gentleman. He has indeed spent 1/3 of his life in Munk Store, so if anyone is a culture bearer in Munk Store, it's him. On a daily basis, he can be found on the floor in Holstebro.


Lars, Owner & Purchcashing

Lars is passionate about community and good vibes. Despite his many years of experience in the fashion industry, he happily runs several times daily. He has his finger on the pulse and therefore forms a purchasing duo with Stev.


Stenhøj, Webshop & Photographer

Stenhøj is the creative brain behind the majority of our posts on social media.


Line, Women's department

Line is in the girls' department. A genuinely nice girl invested in volunteer work and who, we've heard, does quite well on the soccer field! Come by the store and say hi!


Christoffer, Apprenticeship

Christoffer got to know us through our running community. It has now evolved to the point where Christoffer is our new student after having been a helper boy in the store for the past year.


Anna Vilma, Apprenticeship

Anna Vilma is a part of our young content team, which creates inspiring content with our products. She is referred to as Anni and doesn't really respond to anything else.


Mikkel, Sales assitant

Mikkel is new to Munk Store, but with his education as a sales assistant under his belt, he's totally on point with fashion and ready to help you when you drop by the store! - In his free time, he lifts weights and dribbles a ball, so watch out he doesn't trick you!


Caroline, Women's department

You'll find Caroline in the girls' department. When you meet her, you'll probably notice her fine accent! - There's indeed a little Copenhagener hidden in her! - If you hear a laugh in the store, follow the sound, and there you'll find Caro!


Frederik, Warehouse worker

If Frederik had been half as good at packing as he is at football, we would have been completely satisfied! We believe he is just as good. A nice and calm guy who ensures all your packages arrive safely. Thanks for that.


Anna, Customer service & Wepshop

Anna is new to Munk Store, and you can find her in various places, both in the store and if you call our customer service - you might be lucky to get a hold of her! Moreover, she works out quite a bit, so if you dare, you can drop by the store and compare biceps!


Andreas, Helper

Andreas is part of the young helpers when it comes to the staff in the Holstebro store. He has a great passion for fashion, and the good customer experience in our stores - and he can also kick off a quick sprint!