Klitmøller Collective - Men

Klitmøller Collective is a new lifestyle brand, which originates from the fishing village Klitmøller in northwestern Jutland. In Klitmøller there is a very special atmosphere with a mixture of the traditional, old fishing culture, the surfing culture and visitors from all over the world. In this unique field of excitement, the people behind Klitmøller Collective draw inspiration for their simple, Scandinavian designs in the best materials. Surfer Robert Sand heads the brand, whose focus is a relaxed and informal style with high quality and perfect fit. In other words, Klitmøller Collective is a little luxury in everyday life if you love good quality and Scandinavian design. At Munk Store , we are proud to sell Klitmøller Collective. In addition to Klitmøller Collective, we have other delicious brands such as ELSK , Midtwest , Wood Wood and Woodbird .
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