Jane Kønig - Earrings

Jane Kønig 's jewelry is both beautiful and popular, and the earrings are no exception. Here you will find a large selection of Jane Kønig earrings, such as small discreet or larger earrings with pearls. You will find the earrings in the materials gold-plated silver, rhodium-plated silver and gold-plated gold.

We have i.a. Jane Kønig statement pearl earrings with chain, pyramid earrings, freshwater pearls, ear studs with diamond or Jane Kønig earrings with 5 balls, with and without diamonds.

Jane Kønig Earrings like Chunky Hoops or Horn offer so many opportunities to experiment and style and combine the jewelry in different ways and across collections, so in the end it is only you who sets the limits.

Like so many other things from the Danish brand, modern and unique earrings can also lift your outfit to a new level. Have fun!



Jane Kønig is a jewelery brand with a jewelery workshop in the heart of Copenhagen. Jane Kønig started back in 1989, when Jane Kønig's fine jewelery came on the market.

The unique jewelry from Jane Kønig can be used by all women for a special event, outfit, everyday or another occasion, which makes them loved by many around the world.


Jane Kønig's universe is absolutely magical and enchanting.

The jewelery from Danish Jane Kønig can help to create your very own personal style and look.

By wearing the jewelery from Jane Kønig, you have a fine balance between the feminine, creative and simple, which means that you have to style them according to exactly the look you want. < / p>


The collections are filled with elegant styles, which include everything from necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings.

The jewelery is made of high quality materials and handmade, which means that your jewelery has a long life and retains its color for as long as possible.


If you love pearls, single earrings, hoops, long chains, then we have something for you from Jane Kønig.

The earrings from the Danish brand are extremely popular and are available at a fantastic price that even the most pressured SU economy can reach.


Order a gift home for someone you care about on a special day or occasion. Confirmation, birthday gift, "just because" or wedding, no matter the occasion, jewelry is a great gift.

And the best thing about jewelry is that every time she looks at the jewelry, she will think and be reminded of you!


We are wildly inspired by the magical jewelry universe filled with personality, created by Jane Kønig. Jane Kønig's jewelry really hits every time and there is not a finger to put.

Therefore we are incredibly proud to be able to present such a large selection of the unique jewelry here with us.

When you shop with us, you get free shipping and delivery when you are in your basket for more than DKK 399

In addition we always have fast delivery where you can expect to receive your package 1-3 days after you order. In most cases you may actually be lucky to receive the package the day after you have ordered. You also always have a 14 day return policy.

Shop the gold and silver earrings right here or check out some of our other products from the brand. Here you will find necklace, pendant and rings.

Indulge yourself, or someone you love with a pair of feminine earrings from Jane Kønig.

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