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Ganni is a great example of a Danish fashion brand that has managed to create huge growth and great results in a very competitive industry with big players.

Ganni's collections are created with the trends and tendencies of the time in mind, and encourage women to create their own style with their styles.

Do you need a dress for everyday, party or both at a fantastic price? Then we definitely have something from Ganni you will like. All products and clothing styles from Ganni are designed in delicious materials, which ensure a high quality and a long life of the clothes.

If you do not find your size in your favorite dress from Ganni, keep an eye out - we are constantly updating with clothes, shoes and products from Ganni.

Check out our selection of Ganni right here on this page or visit one of our stores in Thisted or Holstebro.


If you are especially fond of eye-catching colors, Danish design and exciting prints, then Ganni is definitely for you!

Ganni's way of combining the feminine, the raw and the creative, makes most women sell. These three style species Ganni manages to find a way to mix, which ends up in their fantastic and unique design.

Ganni's clothing is aimed at both brave and healthy young women and the older style-conscious and mature women. There's something from Ganni to every woman.

Gpi's clothes are not just about design and quality. Ganni has also created it at a price that most people can afford.


Ganni has a great focus on the small details, both cuts, shapes and the final touch. Therefore, you are guaranteed a style where details, colors, patterns and expressions play together.

Ganni's collections are unique and always have their own expression, which makes their products easily recognizable

All Ganni dresses are designed in high quality from good materials with the environment in mind and at a good price.


Are you tired of having to buy new clothes for different occasions and can not take advantage of the value of the clothes enough?

Do you lack the clothes that can be used for any occasion, whether it is a party, work or fun? Then you have come to the right place.

There is nothing more annoying than spending a lot of money on a dress that you can only use for one occasion - we know all too well about that!

If you're tired of that scenario, Ganni's dress is perfect. The dresses go for both everyday and slightly finer events, depending on how you style them.


If you are in doubt about how to style your dress from Ganni, read here to get some inspiration for styling the fine dresses from Ganni.

Style the beautiful dresses with cool accessories , either a nice bag or chunky jewelry or a ring from Maria Black or Jane Kønig - you never go wrong in the city with that. Put on some loafers to get a very feminine look.

You can also combine a Ganni dress with boots and sneakers and of course cool accessories to get a cool and raw look.

Another outfit or trend that you see many fashion icons and women create with dresses from Ganni is the trousers and dress look. Here they put together a ganni dress together with a pair of jeans, which gives a cool and relaxed look - which we personally also find quite cool!


Ganni is one of our absolute favorite brands - and maybe it's yours too? In any case, we can not get our arms down every time we receive their cool collections from Ganni, which are filled with prints and patterns that really hit every time. And Ganni's dress is no exception.

Ganni dress is always created in fine patterns and colors that make people turn on the street. If you are missing a nice and unique dress in a nice color or with patterns, then a Ganni dress is a really good offer.


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Then there is nothing to say but explore our large selection of Ganni clothes and shoes on this page - or visit one of the Munk Store stores, where we are always ready to help and find the right Ganni dress or clothes just for you. With us you will always find the latest news and most popular styles from Ganni.


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