Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock is a well-known German brand and brand that has produced and designed footwear that has taken both Denmark and the rest of the globe by storm. The shoes are designed so that the sole shapes to your foot, so you get the best possible support. The concept and sole have made the shoes some of the most comfortable sandals you can own.

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Birkenstock Arizona


Thousands of Birkenstock sandals are sold around the world every day. But if you are wondering what it is that makes those shoes so special - then read on right here. Birkenstock is a brand that is known for the quality and comfort of their products, which cater to the foot to a very high degree. Birkenstock's sandals, shoes and other products are available for men, women and kids.


The story behind the successful German Birkenstock goes back many years. The brand was created around the 1770s, when a shoemaker embarked on the project, which has since become one of the largest shoe brands in Europe. Generations after generations in the family have taken over and carried on the concept and vision for which the popular brand is known. To this day, Birkenstock is a brand that is considered one of Germany's most successful.


Common to birkenstock shoes, sandals and slippers is that their quality and comfort are given the highest priority. The soles of the sandals are designed and developed with the aim of giving the foot the best possible support and comfort. So even if you have a physical job, or you might just get a lot of steps a day, the ingenious design in their sole will keep you from getting sore feet.

In addition, sandals from Birkenstock are made of quality materials, so you are guaranteed a perfect quality and a pair of shoes that you can wear for a very long time.

However, their strong focus on quality, materials and comfort does not mean that they do not focus on design in different models. All models from Birkenstock are in a classic, simple and sleek design, which means that the shoes from Birkenstock have started to appear as a fashion shoe as well.


Although Birkenstock is a brand that has created hundreds of shoe models over the years, there is no doubt that the classic Arizona is the most popular among the people - and we understand that well! Arizona is super simple and in delicious craftsmanship that fits all kinds of clothes.


At Munk Store, we are really proud to be able to show an always wide selection of Birkenstock sandals for women, men and children. Among other things, you will find a large selection of the popular Arizona shoes with two straps in metallic, orange, black, red, white, gray, brown and many more popular colors. At the top of the page you can choose and filter, whether it is men, women or children, you are looking for a pair of classic sandals from Birkenstock. You can also check out our clothes, sports and footwear from other well-known Danish and foreign brands on this page.


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