How to maintain your jewelry

Jewelry can give you and your outfit a very specific look, so for many it is important to take good care of your jewelry. Munk Store gives here 8 good tips on how to keep your jewelry from, among others, Maria Black and Jane Kønig beautiful for a long time.

Basically, it is important to say that jewelry will wear as you wear them and they will change color. With daily use of jewelry, the acid balance in the body and the oxygen in the air will react with the coating on the jewelry. This means that there are some factors that you can not control yourself, which damage your jewelry, which you can not do anything about - you can instead follow these 8 tips and hopefully extend the life of your jewelry!

Maintain your jewelry with these tips

Advice 1 : Remember to take off your jewelery before you go to bed.

Advice 2
: We do not recommend that you do physical activity, clean or take a shower with your jewelery on. We also advise against washing your hands with jewelery. This wears a lot on your jewelry and will lower the life very quickly.

Advice 3 : As far as possible we recommend that you store your jewelery in a closed box, for example the box that comes with all the jewelery you can find at Munk Store.

Advice 4 : For hygienic reasons, it is important that you remember to clean your jewelry. This can be done with a soft cloth, which is used to remove residue from your make-up, ordinary dirt or whatever it may be. It is very important that this cleaning is not done with a too hard cloth or brush, as it can wear your jewelry violently!

Advice 5 : If you are the happy owner of a silver piece of jewelery, then a silver cleaner can be used to advantage. Silver cleaner is used to make a nice surface, but must be used with reservations. Silver jewelery that has a coating of, for example, rhodium plating or gilding, must NOT be used for silver cleaning.

Advice 6 : On your pearl jewelery it is important to keep the shine that the jewelry is not exposed to dishwashing liquid and perfume of any kind.

Advice 7 : As a good As a general rule, we recommend that jewelry is the last thing you add to your look. As mentioned above, your jewelry can be damaged by everyday products like make-up, oils, lotions and perfumes. Therefore, make sure that you do not put on your make-up while you are still wearing the ring.

Advice 8: The S-lock from Jane Kønig: Many jewelery from Jane Kønig has a so-called S-lock. It is important that the S-lock is treated properly. This is done by both opening and closing the lock by turning it to the side. Unfortunately, we see many who mistakenly twist the lock up and down, which in the long run it can not hold. Munk Store also recommends that when using your jewelry you double check if you have closed the lock correctly. The jewelry will easily fall out if one is not thorough about this.

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Find your next piece of jewelry from Jane Kønig or Maria Black

You can now, with peace of mind, invest in your next piece of jewelry. At Munk Store you can find jewelry from Jane Kønig, Maria Black and Tom Wood .

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