Skate - Men

The skate culture has really hit Denmark. The Danes have become crazy about skating, and you can hardly go anywhere without seeing a young guy come rolling on his skateboard. Of course, we have to do something about that at Munk Store . That is why we have put together a solid selection of products that in one way or another fit the rolling boards. We have several skate brands represented. In our other categories you can find sneakers , trousers and other clothes that fit perfectly into the vibrant skating world. Among many other things, we have sneakers from Nike SB and clothes from Thrasher . And that's just a selection of the clothes we have in our other section. In this section we have gathered all the skate equipment that you can not put on. In other words, it is not clothes you will find in this section. Instead you will find stickers, skateboards and skateboard wheels and much more. You will find it all here on this page. Jump through our skate category if there is something you are missing - we may have it lying right here on the page.
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