Rascals is a Danish street brand based in Copenhagen. The brand was started by two brothers who wanted to show their passion for streetwear to the world. The first street collection was released in 2008, and it quickly became a success. Since 2008, Rascals has developed a lot, and the brand has become a major player in the field of streetwear. Rascals have neither a special history nor are based on a very special heritage, which is why they place great emphasis on their 'No history' motto. The very idea and motivation behind the brand is to create streetwear that is accessible to everyone. The inspiration comes from Rascals, especially in Copenhagen, where they are inspired by the modern spirit that Copenhagen and the people who live there possess. At Munk Store you will find a large selection of Rascal's clothing for every occasion. We have, among other things, trousers and sweatshirts with a street and casual expression. In addition, you will find Rascal's t-shirts and shirts, whose designs clearly capture the Copenhagen vibe. Below you can see the full range of Rascals clothing online.
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