Pele Che Coco

Pele Che Coco is a Copenhagen brand that has made it their task to make leather jackets that both work and impress.

Pele Che Coco's leather jackets are both personal, expressive and timeless. In addition, their leather jackets follow the current trend of recycling, as all their jackets are made from recycled materials, which have been given new life. It's both sustainable and environmentally friendly, but it's not the only reason Pele Che Coco has to use just these materials. According to the brand, it makes every jacket completely unique, and it only helps to have a more personal style. It is your completely personal jacket, so you have good reason to feel special when you wear it.

Pele Che Coco's mindset is that one should not see it as recycling. For recycling may have a slightly wrong sound. Pele Che Coco believes that you should see it in the way that you give new life to some materials that others have loved before, so that new buyers can love them again. They believe that it is an art form and we would like to give them the right that it is. At Munk Store we really like Pele Che Coco's mission to bring new life to old materials, and therefore we have a solid selection of their delicious and stylish biker jackets and other leather jackets.

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