Levis Junior

Levi's is one of the most well known synonyms when saying jeans . Since the company was founded by Levi Strauss in 1853, countless jeans have been produced. The company started by producing jeans for workers, but eventually the people adopted the indigo-colored trousers, and Levi's is today one of the world's largest jeans retailers. Since then, it has also become jackets , t-shirts and everything that brings jeans from Levi's to a higher level. At Munk Store you can find some of their iconic styles. You will also be able to find more unisex styles. There are several different denim styles when it comes to pants, but also when it comes to denim jackets. In the jeans selection, you will of course be able to find the brand's iconic Levi's 510 models in various sinks, such as dark sinks with wear that gives a cool and raw look. Whether you are looking for cool denim pants or denim jackets, there is definitely something here that will be a hit for you. At Munk Store we have a wide selection of Levis for Teens.
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