Les Deux

Les Deux is a relatively new Danish brand. The brand is founded by 2 men who in 2011 came out with their first collection. The first collection and also the later collections have got really good words along the way. "Les Deux means" the two "or" both "and it refers to the 2 men who founded the brand. In the short time the brand has existed, Les Deux has managed to create clothes in elegant design and of really good quality, which is that Les Deux is especially known for.Les Deux is a breath of fresh air for the streetwear market , due to their beautiful and minimalist designs that appeal to many people's tastes, their designs often include their own logo or other delicious prints. Here at Munk Store we are big proponents of the brand, so see the selection below - you will definitely find something you like, or check out some of our other cool brands .
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