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Fleece has taken over the fashion scene, and is being torn off the shelves. And this is a trend that we personally are quite fond of. Because there is something more wonderful to wear a comfortable fleece, which at the same time looks super cool and funky - we do not think so.

When looking at fleece, one can not fail to mention Newline Halo Atw zip fleece, as it is incredibly popular and fine for most things.

The branded Newline Halo makes clothes for both men and women, where the clothes are measured according to men - so women we recommend to take a size smaller than usual.

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Newline Halo is a Danish brand that has taken the sports world and the fashion world by storm. Halo stands for "High Alitude Low Opening", and is a brand that is very inspired by the Air Force and the military.


HALO Atw zip fleece is unisex, so they are a bit large in size, and we recommend women to take a size smaller than normal and men to take their normal size.


There is no doubt that Halo Atw zip fleece is one of our absolute bestselling fleece that you should be lucky enough to get hold of.

Atw zip fleece from Halo is available not only in one color but 3 colors - both in olive night, pumice stone and black.

Halo atw zip fleece is super simple with a logo on the front of the chest, which makes it easily recognizable.


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