Elvine is a Swedish clothing brand based on a story about an elderly seamstress from Estonia who in World War II sewed clothes that were sold to Sweden. Since then, Elvine's grandson, Daniel, has followed in his grandmother's footsteps with the brand Elvine. With the brand, Daniel wanted to revive his grandmother's craft and lead the style into the Swedish street culture, of which he finds inspiration and is a part. The keywords behind are sophisticated clothing for unsophisticated behavior. Elvine jackets are fashion clothes in high quality and good craftsmanship, which are designed to withstand the harsh Swedish weather and adapt to all seasons. Elvine winter jackets are thus designed to be part of the street scene, where they must be practical. The brand therefore emphasizes strong textiles, functionality and exciting designs that manage to reach everyone on the street. At Munk Store you will find a large selection of Elvine winter jackets and summer jackets, which are both practical and in a bold design. Take a look at our selection below - where we also have jeans , shirts and knitwear .
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