Clarks Originals

Many people know Clarks Originals, but there are probably very few who actually walk around in it. It's a shame because Clarks is on the verge of being one of today's biggest trends in shoes for people who are looking for something casual but still hugely stylish. The expression in, for example, Clarks - Wallabee, which Munk Store has in Black and Brown Dark Suede, fits the very formal, where you style the shoes with a blazer, but the shoes are also ideal if you are into a pair of cropped jeans, which are styled with a basic white t-shirt. The shoes have a good fit and are functionally good in their design, which makes the shoes the obvious choice for many. The popularity of Clarks Originals is huge, so of course we have also brought home several different models. These include the low Clarks - Wallabee, which is available in two colors and the slightly higher Clarks - Trigenic Flex, which is available in 3 different colors. We are huge fans of Clarks so you can expect to see much more of this brand in the future. The shoes are unisex, so it is for both boys and girls.

In addition to Clarks, we at Munk Store have shoe brands such as New Balance , Dr. Martens , Adidas and many more.

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